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We have chosen to use tabs in this section. Using tabs on a form can prevent the form from becoming overcrowded and difficult to follow. Here, our user needs to check information about a product, such as cost and availability. So there is a tab to display this general information about the product. Sometimes, particularly when new products have been entered into the system the Sales Representative is not sure to which category the products belong. Therefore we have provided a tab to perform a product search. For most of the time this option will not be used and the tab would not be selected. When it is needed it can be pulled up quickly with a single click of the tab.

The alternative is to open a special product form that allows the user to search for a product. The Sales Representative would then have to close this form when they had finished and return to the Order Entry form. If the user needs to do this a number of times while taking an order, the solution would involve moving back and forth between the forms a lot of times. This doesn't seem very efficient.

We could improve the situation by linking the product in the Product Search form to the Order Entry form. Now we can open the Product Search form, find the product we want and choose whether or not to add it to the current order. While this is not a bad solution, it is still easier to click on a tab in the Order Entry form.

The final part of the Order Entry task is to select a shipper, check the order details with the customer and that they find the total price for the order acceptable and then to cancel the order or go ahead and save it. This information should therefore be grouped together and the final part of the form would probably look as follows:

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