Testing of Business and Data Services Components

As we discussed in Chapter 8, when we considered the best way to implement the data and business services components, there will often be a multitude of questions that can only be answered by testing:

> Should the business services go on the client machine or on the middle-tier server?

> Should you use MTS on server components?

> Does an existing component work efficiently enough or does it need to be redesigned for this application?

The testing of business and data services will either be the testing of component solutions or the testing of infrastructure. The component manager should oversee the component solution testing. Testing the infrastructure is the responsibility of the logistician. Our first task is to identify the data and business services that our application will have to perform, and then we can begin searching for the best way for our application to perform these services. For each service, one should document the best way of fulfilling the service. When there are multiple solutions, it is time to do usability testing.

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