System Management

Certain roles in the team, such as product management, require a good knowledge of enterprise systems. The three levels for system management are:




You are able to identify key goals and properly access all risks to the goals

You are able to oversee complex systems and processes

You can re-evaluate information on goals to determine risks to goals

You can manage and design complex processes and systems

You know what metrics are required to monitor and improve a system

You create a vision level design for the enterprise that incorporates both current and future technology

You are able to manage, design and improve enterprise-level systems

These skills are chiefly important for the product managers and logisticians, who should all aim for intermediate to advanced level for this skill.

These are some ways to improve system management skills:

> When creating budgets, include only critical items.

> Understand how systems work within the entire enterprise.

> Learn any software products that will help you manage the system better.

> Be familiar with all aspects of the system; past, present and future.

> Look for ways of improving the system from new technological improvements.

> Understand how Visual Basic can fit into the enterprise.

> Do not accept anything that is not up to your standards; find a way to improve poorly working systems.

> Work with your team and peers to find better solutions.

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