In the previous stage of the project, the final decisions were made as to what components will be used. There were many decisions to make in this stage. Do you buy a third party component, reuse existing code or write the code from the ground up? Is using a component the most logical choice or should you use stored procedures? Often, questions can only be answered by creating test applications and finding what solution fits within the parameters of the project. This chapter has shown how these choices can affect your final coding in the development phase.

Visual Basic offers the developer many different ways of doing the same thing. Our Visual Basic order entry application can be built as an EXE with the business and client services on the client machine, as an EXE with the client services on the client and business services on the server (running under MTS or without MTS), or we could make a DHTML application using components. We could also make DHTML applications with XML or a regular Internet application. The choices can make you dizzy. Yet this is what Microsoft Visual Basic is all about: choices. Because we have all of these options, we can choose the best one for our project in the physical design stage.

If you choose to build your components, you have three choices: the first and second form of reuse or building from the ground up. Code reuse in both forms is the best option as it will reduce costs and time. When components are built from the ground up, UML diagrams provide an indispensable tool to allow you to turn the goals of the user into Visual Basic code.

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