We saw in Chapter 3 how to use Project 98 to make schedules for your projects. This chapter has built on this knowledge to create an entire schedule for a sample project that you can adapt and modify to suit your needs.

This schedule has followed the cyclic methodology detailed in this book. Drawing up an approximate schedule at the beginning of a project will allow us to estimate the resources needed for each phase of the project, and thus the duration and cost of the project. Of course, the schedule will need constant refinement as the project progresses through each phase; as you gain a full appreciation for the complexity of the project, and the effort involved in bringing it to completion, you will be able to make a progressively more accurate assessment of the resources required.

Remember, though, that in real life you will be constrained by a time limit or a set budget - making sure that your project is successful within these constraints is a valuable skill. Hopefully, this skill has been strengthened by the understanding you have gained of the different issues involved in the successful management of a modern-day Visual Basic Enterprise project.

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