One of the most important parts of creating a successful Visual Basic project is the proper management of risks. Assessing the risks at the beginning of the project, developing a plan for medium and high risks, and finally carrying the plan out and monitoring the risk can mean that you can almost guarantee the success of your projects.However, not all risks will be able to be identified at the beginning of the project: risk assessment and risk tracking should carry through the whole of the project to determine whether new risks have presented themselves, or make sure that low risks have not been ignored and allowed to escalate into high risks, almost without notice.

You can use a wide range of resources to find possible risks to the project. You can create a general resource document, as we did above. You can analyze your master schedule in Project 98 for possible resource conflicts. You can create a copy of your master schedule and test 'what if' scenarios and see how they will impact the entire project. You can review documentation from previous projects or speak to senior members of the team. Using all of these techniques, you can assess possible risks to your project and manage them appropriately.

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