The envisionment phase creates the Vision/Scope document that will guide the entire project. The Enterprise Architecture document, TCO and ROI estimates, and an initial analysis of risks will also be done in this phase of the project. The primary purpose of this meeting is to create the first and second level goals of the senior management and break them down into a set of third level goals. These third level goals form the basis for our product design in the conceptual stage of the design phase. This whole process is geared towards ensuring we have a product designed according to the needs of the user.

There are many ways to redesign business processes. One way is to create a radical change in the way a corporation is being run. According to this line of thought, if the corporation is not running successfully now, the business processes are failures and need to be abandoned. Radically new business processes need to be created without any regard to the old ones.

Personally, I feel there are many lessons to be learned from the failures of the current business processes, as well as many lessons to be learned from their successes. I feel that one can still radically reengineer the company based on a careful analysis of the past and current business processes as we did in the Enterprise Architecture Document. This document not only gives an assessment of the current business processes, but also the state of the technology in the enterprise. You cannot realistically restructure the technological infrastructure without understanding what is currently in place.

The reengineering can span across the entire corporation altering workflows, changing job descriptions and roles, organizational structures and virtually the entire company. Everything from the production line in the factory, to the structure of teams, the availability of information and the means of selling products to a customer, can change to meet current market needs. A radical quick reworking of the corporation with a complete disregard to the past is a dangerous undertaking: more than likely it will be too much, too fast and go beyond the corporation's resources.

With a carefully prepared Enterprise Architecture Document, everything will be in black and white in front of you and the entire team. Everyone can review the document in advance of the consensus meetings, look at the available resources, the future needs of the company, and try to find the best ways to improve the corporation's processes.

I highly recommend reading Bill Gate's new book, Business @ The Speed of Thought. You will read about the corporations of the future, and get some insight into where the modern corporation needs to be going. There are many valuable insights into restructuring the corporation in this book. It is definitely worth taking the time to read this book if you intend to be part of reengineering a corporation.

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