The physical design stage will first focus on researching the best way to build the components defined in the logical stage. Once the research is completed, you must weigh the options and choose the best solution for each component. Once a solution is chosen, a way to implement that solution must be created and documented.

The physical stage will focus around finding the best possible components for our system. Visual Basic has a wide range of capabilities and can provide us with a wide range of solutions for our enterprise system. When Visual Basic does not provide us with the solutions that we need, we can use other languages or third party components. We can also use third party components when we want to save resources by not reinventing the wheel.

By the end of the physical stage we have mapped out everything we need for our development phase. It is like a play in which the entire script has been written. It is only a matter of the actors acting out their parts. Just as a good actor can bring life to a good script, the skilled developer can take a good design and create a powerful, efficient system.

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