Up to this point, we have only been working with the time resource. There are many other resources that are available, including people, equipment, rooms, etc. In regards to the schedule we are creating for a developer, some of the resources may be the availability of the study room and the study computer. Let us add these two resources to our schedule.

In the resource sheet add Study Room and Study Computer; Project 98 adds the extra information automatically:

Click View and go back to Gantt view. Double click on the Learn basic skills of VB 6 data source class goal to bring up the Task Information window. Select the resources tab, click on the dropdown combo and select Study Room. Since the room can hold four people, you are using 25% (one quarter) of the total resource. Enter 25 for Units. You should see the following:

Your schedule will now have the resource added:

Using this resource information, a master schedule can be put together to make sure that the team is not overusing a resource. In this case, if five team members were trying to use the study room at the same time, the resource would be over utilized and this would show up on the combined master schedule.

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