Overview of the Logical Stage

By the end of the conceptual stage, we have transformed the goals of the client into a set of UML use cases. Each use case will represent a single goal (task) that the user needs the system to accomplish for them. Within these use cases, there will be many services that the user will need the system to perform. It will be the job of our Visual Basic application to perform the services found in these use cases.

During the envisionment phase and conceptual stage, the development team will be working closely with the client to define the goals and services of the system. The logical stage begins when the users and the development team have defined these goals and services and the scope of this current project.

In the logical stage, there is a shift of focus: up to now, the client has been our primary resource for designing the project; from this stage onwards, the members of the software team will take over most of the design work. They will work together to turn the user's goals into objects and to define the interfaces (the methods and properties) for these objects. These interfaces will define the services and attributes of the system's components. The developers will also create a description of the interaction between these components.

Therefore, the logical stage centers on defining the components that will accomplish the business goals of the user. This stage will determine what services these components will perform, what attributes (properties) they will need to perform these services and how they will communicate with each other and with the user. There will be no discussion on how the components will be coded, only what the interfaces will be. Thus, the components designed in the logical phase could be built with any development tool. In the physical stage we will actually begin to look at how our design can be optimized for the development tool we are using, which in our case, is Visual Basic.

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