Improvements to the Schedule

As you have entered the goals, resources and durations for each phase, you have seen the schedule expand -you have seen how some goals can be worked on simultaneously and also how some phases can be worked on in parallel. The schedule now represents the timescale for the whole project, looking as follows:

As I said at the beginning of the chapter, there are many ways in which this schedule could be improved. One such area is the fact that some team members aren't always fully dedicated to the project, through no fault of their own. Although this isn't fully under our control, it would be nice to have 100% of resources available to allocate to each goal.

Room for improvement is also available regarding duration estimates. As has already been mentioned, experience is needed when time estimates are being made. As you progress through your project management career, you will become more proficient at estimating the time needed for each goal: therefore, with experience, your schedules will become increasingly more accurate.

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