How Well Does the UML Map to VB

The UML allows you to capture both the static knowledge about your application (packages, classes, associations, etc.) and also the dynamic behavior (operation calls, events, etc.). We will see that most diagrams have a very close mapping to VB but a few are more vague. Class diagrams for instance, are key diagrams to us and it will be quite straightforward to see how these map to VB. The coincidence between 'class' in the UML and 'class' in VB is not a coincidence! These are essentially the same things.

Statechart diagrams, on the other hand, are not so clear. This is because the standard VB language does not come with a 'standard' statechart implementation (often called a 'finite state machine'). This is also partly because of the many different ways we can write them. Nonetheless, some guidelines are provided to help get you started.

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