Entering Project Information

Let us now imagine that we are working on a project with the Northwind Company called the Northwind project. We now want to add the Northwind project into our schedule. Under Goal Name in row 6, type in Northwind Project and click the left arrow, as we do not want this to be a sub-goal of Learn VB 6 New Features.

The project should now look as follows:

Project 98 automatically gives this a duration of 1 day starting on the first day of the whole project - this will change when we add sub-goals.

Under the Northwind Project on lines 7 and 8 we can add the following sub-goals (don't forget to click the indent arrow): V

Goal Name




First Envisionment Meeting


Wed 01/16/02

Wed 01/16/02

Review Envisionment Meeting


Thu 01/17/02

Thu 01/17/02

You may have noticed that when you try to enter the date for the First Envisionment Meeting, a wizard pops up, looking like this:

For now, select the second option and press OK. You should now have the following:

Our scale on the right is too large so we need to change it. Right mouse click on the timescale:
Under Minor scale, change the Count to 8:
We now have the following:

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