Duration Field in a Gantt Chart

Duration can have any of the following values:

m minute h hour d day w week em elapsed minutes eh elapsed hours ed elapsed days ew elapsed week

The elapsed times are used when your goals run through non-working times. Working times are defined in the options. If you wish to change these, go to the menu, select Tools | Options and select the Calendar tab. You will see the following:

You can set the time for the workday as you need to.

If a goal is to run Friday through Sunday, and you have the default workday as shown above, you can list it as a 3 ed starting on Friday. This means that you were expecting it to run over 3 elapsed days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you used 3 d, Project 98 would see this as meaning 3 work days, and would make the goal run over Friday, Monday and Tuesday of a regular work week.

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