Development Phase

The development phase will focus on converting the design created in the physical stage into a working application. This phase begins when the design has been frozen and locked into place. The key players in this phase will be the developers and testers, but the entire team will have work to do in the phase. The two most important activities will be building and testing the solution. This phase is complete when the first release of the project is made.

It is impossible to give a detailed description here of the procedure for creating Visual Basic code from UML activity and class diagrams. However, this can be found in Appendix B. Instead, we will cover some of the issues facing developers in this phase and take an overview of the coding of our DNA application. We will also look at the issue of code reusability, identifying patterns within code and seeing how we can use these to help us write code - even to the extent of automating some code generation.

So, in this chapter we will see:

> How we can identify patterns which will be repeated within our code

> How we can use these patterns to cut development time and costs

> An overview of coding the project

> How we can automate code generation

Since this phase concentrates chiefly on writing code, the deliverables will be:

> Internal code releases

> Versioned source code

> Compiled code

> Updated risk management documents

The final milestone for this phase will be the completion of all the source code, including the testing both of each component individually and of the product as a whole.

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