Creating an Export Table

In this book we will be working on making a Visual Basic project that can present project information on the web. Project 98 allows you to export information from your schedule in HTML format. First though, we must decide how we want to format the information. We do this by building a table. Go to the menu and select View |Table | More Tables.

You will now see the following form:

Click the New... button. In the Table Definition form enter the Name as HTML Export. Click on the first row in the Field Name column and the drop down list box of all of the field names will appear. Select Name. In the next rows select Resource Names, Start and Finish. The form should look as follows:

Table Definition in 'DeveloperSchedule'


Name: | HTML Export Table

P Show i

Cut Row

Copy Row I _J Insert Row | Delete

Date format: | Default P Lock first column

Copy Row I _J Insert Row | Delete

Field Name

Align Data



Align Title





Resource Names













Unclick Lock first column. Change the Row height to 3. Click OK.

Close the More Tables dialog and then go to the menu and click File | Save As HTML:

Select a directory and click Save. Call the file DNA. html

Save in: | ^f My Computer

J JS] JÜ] _


J^Vi Floppy (A:)|


DMA. html



File name:

DMA. html

Save as type: HTML Document

The Export Format window will now come up. Click on the New Map... button.

On the Define Import/Export window check the Tasks button. This will make the Task Mapping tab accessible.

Click Task Mapping and click the Base on Table button.

Select HTML Export, which is the table we just created.

Select OK on the Select Base table form, select OK on the Define Import/Export form and click Save on the Export Format form. The table will now be built. Open the table in your web browser.

Your exported table should look something like the following:

We will use this feature later. If you use this feature, you can build a web application very easily which can be viewed by all team members.

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