Building the ASP Page

The ASP page will take the request and pass it on to a Visual Basic component called prjRetrieveWebInfo. clsWeb. This will create an HTML page containing a table with a list of the products in the selected category:

The code for the ASP page looks as follows:

Dim objGetProducts

Set objGetProducts=CreateObject("prjRetrieveWebInfo.clsWeb")

objGetProducts.GetCategoryInformation "","",Response,Request %>

<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">

The ASP code for this page is fairly simple. All this page does is call the Visual Basic component. There is another very interesting thing to notice about this code. The method GetCategoryInformation takes four parameters. The first two are the password and user ID, which are empty. The next two are the ASP Response and Request objects. We are going to pass these into our Visual Basic component so that our Visual Basic component can get all of the request information from the Request object. Our Visual Basic component can send information back to the client using the Response object. First, though, let us look at the Products component and see how we will have to modify it.

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