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So far, we've been extolling the virtues of a single form where the actor can perform all the duties associated with his particular role. If some of these duties are identical for different actors we need to ask the question "Are two forms for the same activity better than one?"

To address this issue, let's imagine that there is another use case called Review All Customers performed by the Sales Manager actor. Part of this Review All Customers use case is to check if a customer's information is correct. If the information is incorrect, then the Sales Manager has to modify the customer record. If the only place to modify customer information were on the Order Entry form, the Sales Manager would have to perform this task in the Order Entry form, which would make no sense, as this task has nothing to do with Order Entry.

We could make a separate form that is specifically for Customer Review. While this may seem redundant, as there are now two places to edit information, there are advantages to doing this. What if the Sales Manager needed to look at a customer's past sales history, balance information, and products purchased as part of the customer review? Now it makes sense to have one individual form to handle customer review.

Most likely the top half of the form will have customer information on it, the bottom half will be a tab control: one tab for sales history, a second for balance information, and a third for products purchased:

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