Activity Diagrams

Activity diagrams take the information available from the collaboration and sequence diagrams that we've just looked at, and present that information in a more detailed fashion. The purpose of activity diagrams is now to show the inner workings for a particular object.

As you may have noticed, we are gradually moving towards more and more detail about our project design as we proceed through the different UML diagrams.

Activity diagrams can map out a method or property showing what that method or property has to do in a step-by-step manner. Activity diagrams will look very similar to mapping out a method or property using pseudo-code. This detailed map can then be used to explore the best method of coding a method or property, check for missing or unnecessary sections, and as a guide to writing the code. Here is a sample activity diagram:



This activity diagram simply specifies what Activity is to be initiated at a certain Decision point, depending on the outcome of that Decision. This is a step-by-step definition of certain situations that pertain to the project we are designing and about to develop in VB, and is a considerable way forward in our journey towards defining a project and preparing it for development and implementation. We're still not finished yet though - the final stage in the overall UML design process is to move on to our class diagrams.

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