The VPRO office

The new office for the broadcasting organisation VPRO, called 'Villa VPRO', was completed in June 1997. The dissatisfaction of the most important stakeholder - the people who have to work in the building - has been extensively documented in a booklet published three years after commissioning (Paans, 2000) as well as in the press (e.g. national newspaper, Volkskrant, 2001).The design by MVRDV architects, was based on an audacious architectural concept, which required innovative solutions from all parties involved. The main characteristic feature of the design was the architectural open space concept: open floor areas with open views from one floor to an other. Two of the architects involved - Maas and Van Rijs - had previously worked at the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) of Rem Koolhaas, who had applied a similar open space concept in his design for the competition in 1993 for the Bibliotheque Jussieu University in Paris. MVRDV stands for the initials of Maas and Van Rijs and the third founder Nathalie De Vries. How the design team developed innovative solutions has been described by Roelofs (2001).

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