The Purpose of Open Design

What is the purpose of Open Design? Is it not just a way to make already complicated matters even more complicated? Is it not just another attempt to structure and formalise the work of the architect or the urban planner? In this chapter, where we outline the framework of Open Design as a new methodological approach to architectural design, we argue that the Open Design approach achieves exactly the opposite:

1. Basically, it makes the architect's task simpler, not more complicated.

2. It enriches his work in the sense that it enables him to exploit to the full any available room for creative and innovative solutions.

The Open Design concept acknowledges and leaves intact the very nature of architect's work as observed by Sch5n (1982, 1985, 1987), who describes the work of the architect as reflection in action, as an art of experimenting in a complex manner, with various ways of evaluation, using words, numbers and drawings. As a result, Open Design methodology is complementary to and does not limit architectural work.

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