The first numerical model

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam was requested by PKB to give detailed information about its requirements. In accordance with the proposal made by the Sanders committee, the Stedelijk Museum provided minimal and maximal floor space requirements. PKB also made some calculations on the cost of renovating the old building and on the cost per square meter of the extension.

With this information the first LP model was built. This model contained the following restrictions:

• Spatial restrictions and monetary restrictions as posed by the Sanders committee;

Figure 17.1 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

• Spatial restrictions that were gathered by PKB after consulting the Stedelijk Museum;

• Geometrical restrictions as posed by the existing building and a storage facility elsewhere in the city of Amsterdam;

• Geometrical restrictions limiting the size of the extension.

Note that there were two sets of spatial restrictions, and as a result two solution spaces. Note also that this was a numerical model. The geometry of the existing building was only expressed in floor space restrictions. Figure 17.2 shows a screenshot of the output of the LP-model minimising cost.

The model could switch between the two sets of spatial restrictions and showed that the bill of requirements as gathered from the Stedelijk Museum did not meet the budgetary restriction. By temporarily ignoring the monetary restriction and switching between both sets of restrictions, the Stedelijk Museum could see to what extent their requirements differed from the requirements set by the Sanders committee and the monetary consequences. The Stedelijk Museum became convinced that it had to adjust its requirements. After doing so, the budgetary restriction was met. The spatial requirements were fixed from that moment on, upper and lower boundaries merged into single values.

Figure 17.2 Screenshot of output of LP-model minimising cost
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