Reflection in action the urban decision room

The above way of modelling assumes that the designer has an overview of the spatial arrangements of possible activities. To add detail to this overview, the designer can use expert knowledge, from specialists on acoustics, daylight, construction, and so forth, as well as from the prospective users, who have expert knowledge on such issues as the exploitation and maintenance.

It is common in architecture and urban design to optimise on architectural criteria. The style, the concept, the fashion, are dominant issues. However, the user, the owner, the investor, and the politician wish to have more and more influence on the design. The design tool explained in this chapter enables optimisation from both the architect's point of view and the user's point of view. The procedure supports what Sch5n (1982,1987) calls reflection in action.

The latest development is to have preference input from stakeholders online. Stakeholders convene in a room with interconnected computers in which the mathematical model of this chapter has been programmed: The urban decision room (Figure 8.3).

Figure 8.3 The Urban Decision Room
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