The purpose of this book is to enable the reader to become familiar with the mathematical tools and associated computer programs that can be used in Open Design methodology. The principles behind Open Design have been set out in our previous publications in this series, Open Design, a Collaborative Approach to Architecture and Open Design and Construct Management.

Open Design methodology enlarges the freedom of the architect to apply innovative architectural ideas, because it can identify which concessions are necessary, and to which extent they have to be made to make any new concept feasible.

In urban planning, Open Design methodology is particularly useful in resolving stalemate situations, as it can identify the few crucial stakeholders who have to make concessions and how much they, collectively, have to alleviate their constraints.

It is not sufficient to know the tools offered by Open Design methodology. To use them effectively in practice, one has to develop skills in using them. Such skills can only be learnt through practice. This book is intended to assist in developing those skills by offering cases and exercises that can be studied by the reader before applying the methodology to his or her own problems.

Our hope is that anyone who has worked through the exercises and cases in this book will be able to apply the concepts and computer programs in actual practice.

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

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