Parties concerned their targets and means

To realise a multi-functional public transportation hub, many parties have to cooperate. For Open Design theory to be applied, it is very important to get an overview of the goals and resources of each party. A resource is what one employs to achieve a goal. Usually parties like to talk about solutions straight away. While negotiating about the solutions, parties will all keep their goals in mind. If necessary, they will try to manipulate the solutions in such a direction that their goals will be pursued.

The Open Design approach is different in the sense that it requires to have an overview of all the common and individual goals, and of the resources parties have at their disposal to pursue these goals. The common solution space that we are looking for is determined by constraints. A constraint consists of two dimensions: goals and resources. A constraint indicates what resources may be employed to achieve the goal. The following stakeholders were identified:

• Municipality;

• Public transportation licensee;

• Financiers (of real-estate part);

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