Multi Criteria Optimisation

Open Design methodology, in essence optimisation by means of linear and non-linear programming with negotiable constraints, is a concept that facilitates the resolution of major governmental issues through dialogue and exchange of views (Van Gunsteren and Van Loon, 2000). As it offers concepts and methods that combine technical optimisation and social optimisation into one integrated process, it provides new solutions to the multi-stakeholder problem of urban planning projects.

What Open Design methodology can contribute to complex urban planning projects is illustrated in this chapter with the case of the extension of Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam*. To maintain its position as a European main port (an airport for intercontinental flights), the number of flight movements per year has to increase beyond the current limits that are in force because of noise hindrance. This represents a major political issue that has by no means been resolved yet.

A solution for this dilemma is to move all take-off and landing operations to an artificial island in the North Sea (Van Gunsteren, 2000a). The Ministry of Transportation, however, has recently discarded this option.

In this chapter, the third option is explored with Open Design methodology, namely, using an island also to relieve other European airports from intercontinental air traffic. The conclusion is that such a European airport in the North Sea would have great economic potential. Its realisation, however, requires that decision making on the issue be moved from a national to an international level.

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