Model usage

The working of the model will now be explained by applying it to four topical questions in the decision making process. These questions are taken from current political, economic, and urban design issues:

• Is it possible to add dwellings in an inexpensive price category to the plan?

• What effect do disappointing rental and selling prices have on the plan?

• What is the effect of changing the ratio between rental and owner occupied dwellings?

• Is it possible to make the building more flexible so that it can fit more than one bill of requirements?

The basic model, numerical and geometrical, represents the current proposal for the transportation junction. The basic model and its input enable to generate a solution space. The outcomes of each alternative will be compared with the outcomes of the basic model, to show what the new optimum solution is under different circumstances. All the outcomes meet the demands of the parties, as they were expressed in the exogenous variables.

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

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