Managing the Open Design Process

As mentioned before, the collaboration between various stakeholders often gets stuck. Solutions to get the ball rolling tend to be characterised by compromise rather than synthesis, as a result of the autocratic way of decisionmaking by a limited number of experts.

Some causes of this rather disappointing state of affairs are the following:

• Combinatory explosion: there are more possibilities, opinions, alternatives than any one player can handle.

• Power games: players try to dominate.

• Unilaterally sticking to certain concepts: architects tend to nourish solutions originating from themselves rather than from others.

• Conflicts of interest: parties try to defend their own interests so vigorously that a solution for the project as a whole becomes impossible.

• Stubbornness: sticking to conventional and familiar concepts.

These issues have to be dealt with when managing the Open Design process. The open designer will be tempted to react in the same way as different players confront him, but in the long run that is counterproductive, as we will explain in this chapter.

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