Lessons related to Open Design and Construct management

The taboo on anything that could kill the architectural concept has led to a design in which the interests of the most important stakeholder - the people who have to work in the building - have largely been ignored (Table 8.3). The design does not match the mission and the culture of the user organisation VPRO.

One may wonder:

1. Could this extremely serious fault have been avoided by appropriate PII-practices?

2. If so, would the architectural concept have survived?

The answer to the first question must be affirmative, because excluding a crucial stakeholder is a 'deadly sin' in the realm of PII practices. User demands related to noise hindrance and privacy would have received equal weight as architectural beauty.

Whether the open space concept would have survived is hard to say. Far reaching concessions would probably have been necessary. On the other hand, the concept did not really survive anyway if we consider the improvised measures taken by the users, such as building glass walls around units, and placing partition-like cupboards, curtains, decorations, and wooden movable walls (Fig. 8.10b). What is preferable, the concept being killed in the design phase or after commissioning?

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

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