Geometry computation

Various (standard) software packages for graphical CAD can be used as a basis for geometrical modelling. Well-known packages are AutoCAD, MicroStation and, in the Netherlands, Arkey.

The software tools for geometrical modelling should satisfy the following requirements:

• The internal representation of geometrical objects should be based on vectors, and not on raster points (also known as pixels).

• The structure of the geometrical data files must allow distinguishing between line chains and closed contours as individual objects of a specific type.

• It must be possible to attach to each graphical object a set of alphanu-merical data describing various attributes of that object.

• The capability to insert other graphical files into the current graphic file must also be one of the features of the CAD software.

• The possibility must be included to define composite objects that are composed of single geometrical objects. It must be possible to attach alphanumerical data to these compound objects.

• The program should be able to generate bills of quantities such as number of occurrences, length, surface area and volume. These lists should represent this data for each individual geometric object in the database together with the optionally attached alphanumerical attributes.

• The program should allow Boolean operations - subtraction, intersection, union - on spatially overlapping objects.

• The program should use a macro-language allowing the user to control the features of geometrical objects, or at least include the option to directly transmit the geometrical and alpha-numerical data of the object to spreadsheet or database software.

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