Geometric modelling

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (SMA), the museum of the city of Amsterdam presenting contemporary art, initiated the renovation of its main building on the Museumplein in 2004 (Fig. 17.1). The building, designed in 1895 by the architect A.W. Weissman, no longer met today's requirements for a museum. Over the last decades a chronic shortage of space had arisen. In the 1950s and '60s annexes and intermediate floors were already added to the main building. The Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira made the initial plans for the renovation of the old building and an extension. Based on these plans a preliminary bill of requirements was made. This bill of requirements was approved by the municipality along with a budget. The project consulting firm PKB was then asked to refine the bill of requirements to reduce the probability of overruns in time and money. With the aid of both a numerical and a geometrical computer model closely linked to each other, PKB was able to formulate a final bill of requirements that satisfies:

• The budgetary restrictions as imposed by the municipality;

• The geometrical restrictions as imposed by the existing buildings.

The process in which these two models were used to support decision-making and the models themselves are described in this chapter.

Starting point was the proposal of the municipality's so-called Sanders committee. This proposal comprised of a set of spatial restrictions and a budgetary restriction. The spatial restrictions were given in the form of bandwidths per function. In other words, both minimal and maximal floor space requirements were given.

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