Consequences of applying practices PII for complex and unpredictable situations to an actually simple and predictable situation SI

As we have mentioned before, PI practices are also needed in complex projects to implement subprojects that are relatively straightforward. Only those aspects that are complex and uncertain need to be managed with PII practices.

This implies that the project manager can go too far with Open Design and Construct PII practices. What might then happen is that efforts are wasted because players abuse the freedom given to them by the PII approach of the project manager.

For instance, if the design of certain details is left to the contractor on the basis of functional requirements only, he may choose solutions that are best for him but not desirable from other stakeholders' points of view.

Such abuse of freedom is quite common in RI-contracts (re-imbursable cost contracts) with a relatively weak owner. Such contracts tend to start with honeymoon enthusiasm but end in frustration when cost and time overruns due to hobbyism become unavoidable. Examples are government contracts on the maintenance of infrastructure and nuclear installations.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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