The basis of this book originates from the late seventies-early eighties, when the first author was employed by the international contractor Royal Boskalis Westminster Group and at the same time by Delft University of Technology as Professor of Technology (Management of Innovation).

In both working environments - international contracting and supervising graduation projects on managerial issues - the shortcomings of the classical approach towards project management of complex construction projects became more and more apparent. It then also transpired that best R&D management practices could be a key for improvement. In the nineties the collaboration with the second author led to the insight that the Open Design approach and its related tools in the IT domain could further contribute to the formulation of best management practices for large and complex construction projects as described in this volume. We are grateful to those who made these experiences possible for us.

The validation of our theory has, for a part, been made possible by the various graduation theses on the subject by our students, in particular: Tiemen de Lange, Ruud Binnekamp and Wouter Roelofs. We greatfully acknowledge their contributions.

For the other part, the validation of our theory has been made possible by the project managers interviewed as outstanding examples: Mr Frans and Kees Rijnboutt. We have appreciated in particular their open and inspiring attitude in those interviews.

We also wish to express our gratitude to Shell for their kind permission to publish about the Singapore project, thereby contributing to the state-of-the-art of managing complexity which is nowadays more relevant than ever.

Lucia Merema's assistance in gathering relevant information on the Delta works and Jeroen Burger's patience when polishing the English of our manuscript, are highly appreciated. Finally, we thank Marja Landzaad, our management assistant, who enabled us to find the time to complete the book.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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