What Is A Schedule

A schedule is the placement of a sequence of activities in a time-related logical order. A schedule is also a dynamic tool that is used to measure, monitor, and control the progress of a project. Thus, if we were changing a rear flat tire on a car, the following activities would occur (with related time):

2. Inspect tires—15 seconds

3. Open trunk—5 seconds

4. Place warning signal—15 seconds

5. Remove spare tire and jack—2 minutes

6. Block front wheels—1 minute

8. Remove lug bolts—2minutes

9. Remove tire—1 minute

10. Put tire on side of road—1 minute

11. Put spare on car—1 minute

12. Tighten lugs 85%—1 minute

13. Lower car to sit on wheel—30 seconds

14. Tighten lugs to 100%—2 minutes

15. Lower car completely—1 minute

16. Put jack and tire in trunk—2 minutes

17. Close trunk—10 seconds

Exhibit 15-1

Scheduling flow chart.

Here you see how the changing of a tire has to follow a logical order of activities so that the primary objective (putting on a new tire) can be achieved. Each activity is a task that must be accomplished, with an associated time, in order to complete the project. For the construction process, the same sequence of activities is followed with the objective of completing a project within a certain period. The American General Contractors Association states that activities have five elements:

1. Consumes time—How long will the activity take?

2. Consumes resources—Takes a certain number of trades people and material to perform an activity.

3. Has a start and end time—When can the activity start and when will it end?

4. Can be assigned to a trade—Placing steel would be done by the ironworkers' trade.

5. Can be measured—The actual activity can be measured against the time originally anticipated.

See Exhibit 15-1 for a schedule flow chart.

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