The Project Performance Specification

Definition of the scope of a project by the owner is one of the key aspects to the success of the design-build process. The owner must identify the proper performance specification for the project (program), in order for the perspective design-build team







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Exhibit 19-1

Design-build delivery system.

to respond properly to the process and to ensure that the owner's needs are being satisfied, while allowing the design-build team to produce the most efficient and effective approach to the owner's program requirements. The performance specification (program) is much different from the project specifications. The performance specification defines the owner's requirements and program, while the conventional project specifications are more a description of the products, methods, and procedures to be followed by the contractor during construction. The owner's involvement in the design-build process during the early development stages of the project is the one of the essential ingredients to the success of a design-build project. The owner needs to be a reasonably sophisticated and active participant to define the projects requirements and the process. If an owner does not have this experience in house, he/she may wish to retain an experienced professional advisor to assist the owner with all of the aspects

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Exhibit 19-2

Design, bid, award, and build delivery system.

Exhibit 19-2

Design, bid, award, and build delivery system.

of the design-build process. With the correct performance specification (program) and a skilled sophiscated owner or advisor, there is no reason why the design-build project approach will not be successful.

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