• A good logistics plan is one of the key ingredients for a successful urban project.

• Protection of the public by fences, bridges, and other barriers is a paramount consideration for an urban construction project.

• In order to be efficient and to meet critical schedules, the movement of trades people and material must be analyzed. Thus, the location and number of hoists and cranes must be determined by the CM/GC and related subcontractors.

• Signs must be placed around the site for directing the public around the site, notification in case of emergency, traffic flow, and safety considerations on the site.

• In urban settings, storage of material, cylinders, and dumpsters is extremely difficult due to the limited amount of space at the site. Therefore, off-site storage must be considered and space must be set aside on site for dumpster and cylinder storage.

• Urban sites require the evaluation of structures adjacent to the proposed site. Underpinning of the adjacent structures may be required for stability. Several methods could be used, such as minipiles, shoring, and needling.

• When excavation takes place, the side walls have to be stabilized. This could entail soldier beams, sheeting, or slurry walls.

• Since urban centers are located near major waterways, the groundwater table may be close to where the site will be excavated. Thus, several methods are used to remove the water from the site, such as sump pumps and well points.

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