• The successful completion of a project is not only constructing it on schedule, budget, and with quality, but also the proper administration, record keeping, documentation, and distribution of timely information about the status of the project. At times this can be more challenging and complex than the actual construction process, especially when you are dealing with a sophisticated owner and a large, complex project.

• Corporate clients today have large accounting and audit departments, which often sit on the Board of Directors. Their unique reporting requirements must be identified early on in the project, and systems developed to track and report the required information.

• Without the proper documentation of the history of the project, you may not be able to properly defend yourself with the approval of change orders, events affecting the project beyond your control, litigation, claims, etc.

• When an accident or incident occurs, it is important to document the event and to gather all pertinent information that may be required to defend the situation in a lawsuit or claim, which often occurs years later, long after the project team is gone from the project.

• Records management, both during and after the completion of the project, is important. All records should be categorized and retained to comply with the contract requirements, and settlement of all claims, disputes, warranty, and guarantee issues.

• All documentation, reports, and information required for the project must be identified at the very beginning of the project, in order for the proper systems to be put in place to gather the data, present it in meaningful and timely reports of information, and keep management informed and allow them to make timely and proper decisions.

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Project Management Made Easy

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