A temporary fire standpipe needs to be installed in the building during the construction process to allow the fire department to fight a fire if required. One of the permanent standpipes is often used on an interim basis to provide this protection. The standpipe is dry, and fed from a Siamese connection that must be accessible from the street, outside of the sidewalk fence enclosing and securing the site. The height of the standpipe should be not less than two floors below the top floor. A sign must also be provided indicating the location of the Siamese connection at street level (see Exhibit 6-20). Portable fire extinguishers are also required on the site in addition to the standpipe. These fire extinguishers are often placed in the CM/GC field office, subcontractor shanties, at stairwells, and near welding, cutting, and use of flammable materials and fuels. The extinguisher should be of the proper size and type for the application.

Exhibit 6-20

Siamese connection.

Siamese Standpipe Connection

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