In order for the site to comply with traffic, safety, and notifications regulations, numerous signs must be installed in and around the site. A list of proposed construction site signs is noted in Exhibit 6-26, depending on the municipality. Typical site signs are shown in Exhibits 6-27, 6-28, 6-28A, and 6-28B.



Contractor's name

• Emergency telephone number Building Department

• To contact in case of an emergency with telephone number

• To contact in case anyone notices a violation Demolition subcontractor

• Name and emergency telephone number is listed

Excavation subcontractor

• Name and emergency telephone number is listed

Directional sign for pedestrians

• Sidewalk closed

• Follow the sign for the temporary walkway Security signs

• Authorized personal with proper badges

• Gate locations

• Personal gate locations Height signs

• At loading dock for truck information Hydrant sign

• For fire department identification Street closing

• Lane closing as per DOT permits

• Street closing as per DOT permits

Exhibit 6-26

Proposed costruction site signs.


Exhibit 6-26




10. No smoking signs

• Hang around the site so that workers refrain from smoking

11. Hard hat work area

• Everyone on the site must wear a hard hat

12. Eye protection

• Workers who are cutting, sawing, or burning material should all wear eye protection

13. General safety signs

• Remind all workers that safety is a primary concern

14. No parking sign

• Authorized parking only

• Parking required for trucks, pumpers, concrete, steel delivery, etc.

15. Flag personal

• On occasion, a flag person is required to: (1) divert traffic, (2) hold pedestrian traffic while picks are occurring, and (3) when buckets are being raised or lowered

16. Transportation signs

• Bus stop location

• Underground transportation location

• Tram location

Exhibit 6-27

Typical construction sign.

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