Security of the total site is of extreme importance to the owner and workers. The owner does not want unauthorized personnel walking around the site. This could create a liability problem if someone is injured on the site and is not authorized to be there in the first place. In addition, expensive tools, equipment, and components have to be protected from theft. Therefore, a protective fence should be installed to protect the site from unauthorized entry and to minimize potential theft. The fence is usually made of



1. Construction personnel hoists

2. Construction material hoists

3. Combination personnel/material hoists

4. Loading dock for hoists

5. Barricades for hoists and loading dock

6. Signage

7. Flashing yellow caution lights

8. Concrete foundation pad for hoist

9. Tie backs of hoist to the structure

10. Runaways from hoist tower to building

11. Power for hoists

12. Power for lighting and outlets at hoist landings and loading dock

13. Permits

14. Engineering

15. Sidewalk closing

16. Lane closing

17. Direction of the flow of traffic

18. Bus lanes and stops

19. Subway entrances and exits

20. Access to fire hydrants

21. Visibility of traffic signage or relocation of it

Exhibit 6-29

Sidewalk bridge/ sheds checklist.

Exhibit 6-30

Typical bridge section.

Exhibit 6-31

Fancy urban bridge section.

material that is difficult to penetrate. Gates are provided for access of authorized trucks and personnel. Guards are posted at the gates to check everyone's identification. See Chapter 11 for additional security information.

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