Project Closeout Phase

The close-out phase of a project is a very important phase for the successful completion and turn over of the project to the owner. It is often not given the attention that it requires by upper management of a CM/GC. Because of the shortage of qualified professional personnel available, the CM/GC is often in a hurry to reassign these personnel to another project, without properly performing the close-out. The same key staff of personnel, who were involved with the construction phase of the project, should be involved with the close-out of the project. These personnel may be involved on a part time basis, as may be required. The CM/GC may have provided excellent services during the preconstruction and construction phases of the project, and then not performed the project close-out phase in a very competent and professional manner, especially if the overall general conditions costs for the project have been used up or exceeded. The owner tends to remember the last items of work performed, and often the CM/GC is remembered not for the 99 things that the CM/GC did right, but for the 1 thing that the owner perceives the CM/GC did wrong. The CM/GC's reputation is at stake, and at the end of the day, the CM/GC wants a satisfied client who will give the CM/GC a good recommendation and retain the CM/GC for the next project. That is the best advertising and marketing approach that the CM/GC can have.

A sample organization chart for providing project close-out services is illustrated in Exhibit 1-9.

Exhibit 1-10 contains a detailed list of project close-out services for a project.

Exhibit 1-9

Organization chart—project close phase.

Project engineer V V

Construction superintendent

V y


Site safety manager

Purchasing agent

Exhibit 1-10

List of project close-out services.



1. Develop a preliminary punch list.

2. Pre-punch the project as it is being built.

3. Coordinate the preparation of the final punch list.

4. Advise the owner when the project is available for beneficial occupancy

5. Coordinate all controlled inspections and documentation.

6. Manage the development of the as-built documentation.

7. Submit all operating and maintenance manuals.

8. Arrange for all training.

9. Arrange for the turnover of all attic stock.

10. Coordinate with the expeditors the obtaining of the temporary and/or final certificates of occupancy.

11. Provide for all guarantees and warranties.

12. Provide for final clean up.

13. Close out all contracts.

14. Resolve any outstanding change orders and claims.

15. Obtain final waiver of liens.

16. Apply for reduction and payment of retainer.

17. Obtain final payment.

18. Post close-out activities as may be required.

19. Archive all project files.

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