Preconstruction Organization

On large construction projects in the urban environment, the owner often prefers to retain the construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) at the inception of the project, to work with the owner, architect, engineers, and other consultants. The CM/GC can add value by assisting with all of the fundamental construction processes, which would include services such as:

1. Estimating and budgets

2. Scheduling

3. Logistics

4. Long lead items

Exhibit 1-1

List of home office personnel assigned to a construction project.



1. Scheduling Department

2. Estimating Department

3. Purchasing Department

4. Administrative Department

5. Operations Department

6. Legal Department

7. Accounting Department

8. Human Resources Department

9. Building Department Expediting

10. MEPS Department (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and other technical disciplines)

11. Purchasing Department

12. Executives of the Corporation

13. Project Executive

Exhibit 1-2

List of project-specific personnel assigned to a project.


Included (Yes/No)


1. Project Manager

2. Account Executive

3. Project Estimators

4. Project General Superintendent

5. Superintendents

6. Assistant Superintendents

7. Plan Clerks

8. Labor Foreman

9. Laborers

10. Timekeeper

11. Project Scheduler

12. Secretaries

13. Administrative Assistants

14. Project Accountants

15. Site Safety Manager

16. Scheduler

5. Insurance

6. Bid and award strategy

7. Filing and permits

8. Project phasing

9. Planning for temporary and permanent utility services

10. Identifying the personnel and organizations associated with the project (stakeholders) and their respective issues

11. Planning for project administration and control procedures

12. Developing the project manual and policies

13. Risk identification and management

14. Quality control program

15. Safety program

16. Procurement and sourcing direction

17. Value engineering

Staff will usually be assigned for a specific period of time to be involved with their particular areas of expertise. The resources assigned during this phase of the project will usually operate out of the home office, since the project site is often not available at this time. The people assigned to perform preconstruction services for a project usually are the same personnel who will be involved with the construction phase of the project. Therefore, it is wise for upper management to carefully consider the assignment of staff, not only short term but long term as well because construction projects will often last two to three years, including the preconstruction, construction, and project close-out phases. A sample organization chart for the preconstruction phase of a project is illustrated in Exhibit 1-3.

Exhibit 1-4 contains a list of preconstruction services.

Office manager









Site safety


Purchasing agent

Exhibit 1-3

Organizational chart-

preconstruction phase.

Exhibit 1-4

List of precon-struction services.

3. Conceptual development, design development, and 80% bid budgets

4. Conceptual development, design development, and 80% bid schedules

5. Risk analysis and management

6. Identification and procurement of long lead items

7. Value engineering

8. Prequalification of subcontractors

9. Project safety program

10. Project quality control/quality assurance programs

11. Development of site logistics

12. Identification of project phasing and early deliverables

13. Identification of all required filings and permits

14. Fire safety plan during construction

15. Review of existing conditions at the site

16. Review of as-built drawings

17. Evaluation of constructability and means and methods

18. Assist the owner with the coordination of their work

19. Assist with the development of the insurance program for the project

20. Assist with any bonding required for the project

21. Definition of any special administrative programs associated with the project

22. Development of periodic reports and documentation processes for the project

23. Cash flow management

24. Requisition processes

25. Shop drawing processes

26. Document control

27. Management information systems

28. Negotiation of contract with owner

29. Identification of project stakeholders and their concerns

30. Field investigations

31. Review of existing documentation

32. Assist the owner with identification of hazardous materials

33. Assist the owner with the abatement process

34. Identification of items to be coordinated with the owners programs

35. Coordination of owner's furniture, fixtures, and equipment

Item Included

1. Review of project scope with the owner and design team

2. Review of the program for the project with the owner and consultants



36. Determination of appropriate contingency for the project budget

37. Determination if a guaranteed maximum price and schedule are required

38. Identification of cost for preconstruction and construction services

Exhibit 1-4

(Continued )

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