Fast Tracking

Fast tracking is a method for starting construction prior to having all the construction documents (plans and specifications) completed. See Exhibit 15-12 for the fast tracking flow chart. Its main purpose is to start construction as soon as possible so that time is not lost having to wait for the completion of all documents. Most major

Exhibit 15-12

Fast tracking flow diagram.

Construction starts on foundations

Construction starts on structure private construction projects in an urban environment start construction using the fast track method. The owner putting up a project wants his positive cash flow to start as soon as construction is completed and the building is ready for occupancy. The initial work on the project would start as soon as the foundation and structural system drawings are completed. During this early construction phase, the design team will try to complete the remaining construction documents. Depending upon the complexity of the project, the design team may concentrate on completing the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, façade, and elevator design drawings. Long lead items (discussed in the next section) will also be ordered, so that those items will not affect the schedule. Many advantages are accrued by fast tracking and they include:

1. Capability of ordering long lead items during the early phases of a project

2. Expedites the construction process

3. Positive cash flow would start sooner for an owner

4. Can avoid winter or other adverse weather conditions

5. Can save on inflationary cost of materials, products, and equipment

6. Can obtain critical subcontractors early in the process

Along with the advantages, certain disadvantages must also be evaluated:

1. Total cost of the project is unknown. However, with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP; see Chapter 9) a price can be developed using allowances for unknown materials, products, and equipment, and providing a contingency for additional unknown conditions.

2. Coordination of all trades can be compromised

3. Potential for more change orders

4. May have to obtain various municipal approvals and more permits then what would normally be required

5. Contract with the owner has to be clearly defined:

• Percentage of construction documents completed

• Allowances

• Contingency amount and who owns it

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