Construction Site Security Plan

The construction site's security plan must be coordinated with the overall site logistics plan for the project. Exhibit 11-1 indicates the overall site logistics plan, which also incorporates the site security plan.

Exhibit 11-2 is a checklist for a site security plan.

Exhibit 11-3 is a checklist for project ID card and access procedures.

Material delivery-.



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Construction Site Set Plan

Guard booth

Sidewalk bridge

Guard booth

Exhibit 11-1

Site security plan.


1. Hire a professional security service company to provide guard service.

2. Set up a separate entrance for construction personnel with a guard for normal working hours.

3. Set up a separate entrance with a guard for owner's personnel.

4. Set up a separate entrance for delivery and removal of all materials.

5. Schedule all deliveries, and keep a log of all scheduled deliveries and applicable details.


Exhibit 11-2

Checklist for a site security plan.

Exhibit 11-2




6. Issue a pass to all construction personnel on the site, with a number, the employee's name, and the subcontractor for whom they work.

7. Keep a current list of all active personnel and passes that have been issued and are valid.

8. All material leaving the site must have a pass signed by the CM/GC.

9. Provide an after-hours construction entrance/exit for personnel.

10. File an incident report of any unusual activities at the site.

11. Obtain the contact information for the local police precinct, fire department, hospital, and first aid center in case of an emergency.

12. Post all emergency numbers in the CM/GC's field office.

13. Maintain an emergency contact information directory for all the principals, foremen, and PMs for all the subcontractors working at the site.

14. Arrange for a roaming guard service to walk the site with a watchman's key to observe the entire site during normal hours and after hours.

15. Arrange for the installation of closed-circuit television cameras at strategic locations to monitor personnel entering and leaving the site, deliveries, and removal of materials from the site.

16. File a police report for any criminal activities and prosecute all offenders.

17. Have the subcontractors store construction materials and tools in a safe and secure location.

18. Be especially careful to secure tools that can easily be removed and used in the home.

19. Security, like safety, is everyone's responsibility.

20. Determine who will provide the security service to the site—the owner or the contractor?

21. Use the site logistics plan to determine the construction personnel entrance, owner's entrance, construction materials, loading dock, etc., to determine the location and quantity of site access points and the number of security guards that will be required.

22. Establish an after-hours night and weekend entrance for access and egress to the site.

23. Provide a secure fence and gates around the site to secure it after hours.

24. Determine what additional security measures are required, such as closed-circuit cameras, motion detectors, security lock key systems, etc., and determine if the security company that is providing guard service can provide them.


25. Keep logs of all personnel and materials entering and leaving the site.

26. All personnel should have a security badge identifying who they are, the subcontractor for whom they are working, ID number, etc.

27. Consider a photo ID for the security badge.

28. Ensure that all personnel issued a security badge have had the proper safety and site-specific training, and are wearing proper construction clothing and protection.

29. Arrange for off-site storage at a bonded warehouse, which is in reasonable proximity to the construction site.

30. Consider a Minority Woman Business Enterprise (MWBE) firm for providing the security services to assist in meeting MWBE project and corporate objectives.

31. Do not allow construction personnel to access the site via the loading dock, other than to assist with deliveries.

32. Coordinate the security logs with the hoist log to ensure appropriate subcontractor materials are delivered and removed.

33. Establish a security pass system for the removal of any large quantity of materials, equipment, etc., from the site.

34. Put an identification number on all tools and equipment.

35. Lock up storage for tools and materials, especially those that can be used in the home.

36. Post "No Trespassing" signs.

37. Provide adequate site illumination for after-hours.

38. Secure all field offices, shanties, lock ups, and trailers.

39. Consider alarm systems for field offices and critical locations.

40. Lock out the electrical service to the hoist, crane, and other heavy equipment after hours.


Exhibit 11-2



1. All personnel working on the site shall carry an ID card at all times and be clearly visible.

2. Consider having the employee's photograph, name, and the subcontractor with whom they are employed identified on the ID card.

3. Incorporate the issuance of the employee's ID card with their safety training prior to starting work at the site.

4. Each subcontractor should keep track of their authorized personnel working on the site each day, and submit it to the CM/GC and the security guard service.


Exhibit 11-3

Checklist for project ID card and access procedures.

Exhibit 11-3


Any person on the site who does not comply with the above requirements will be removed from the site. The CM/GC's project superintendent will carry a copy of the list of all personnel who are authorized to have access to the site.

Be sure to obtain ID cards from any employees who leaves the site once they have completed their work. The guard security service should perform a random spot check of ID cards for all employees on a daily basis. Any person visiting the site on an interim basis should be escorted to the CM/GC office for screening and issuance of a temporary ID card for the appropriate period of time.

Visitors should be distinguished from employees. Visitors should be escorted at all times. Establish access control procedures for after-hours.


• During the construction process, the CM/GC is usually responsible for security of the site.

• The owner usually takes responsibility for security once furniture, fixtures, and equipment are delivered and the building is getting ready for occupancy.

• Security of a construction site is very important to ensure the safety of the personnel and security of the construction tools and materials at the site.

• The security plan for the site needs to be integrated with the site logistics plan.

• The utilization of security guards, closed-circuit cameras, logs documenting access and egress, security badges, and off-hour access control are all important to a wellrun and secure site.

• The location of the contractor and subcontractor's field offices and storage shanties must be properly planned to facilitate access to the site by workers and visitors and to have the trades people coordinate and interface with each other.

• Materials and tools that can be easily removed and used in a person's home are prime targets for theft, along with salvage metals, which are referred to in the industry as MONGO.

• Theft of materials adds to the overall cost of construction in both time and money.

• It is important to note that the materials should have a certificate of insurance prior to any of the material being paid for by the owner to protect everyone's interests.

• Large quantities of construction materials such as light fixtures, raised floor panels, etc., may need to be stored off site until they are ready to be installed. A bonded warehouse is often used in this situation.

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