Construction Shanties And Field Offices

The CM/GC's site office and subcontractor shanties will be located in reasonable proximity to the site entrance. However, they may be on an alternate floor in the building, on the sidewalk bridge, retail space, etc. Consideration should be given to identifying a controlled path for a visitor to take from the construction personnel entrance to ensure that they do not go wandering aimlessly around the construction site.

Construction materials and equipment are often stored in the subcontractor shanties and storage areas, where they may be under lock and key. However, this does not stop people from breaking in and stealing valuable equipment. In addition, materials and equipment may be stored on the floors of the construction site where the work is being performed. Often this presents an open invitation to someone who may be looking to steal the material for reuse or resale. This is often referred to in the industry as MONGO (or the salvage value of the materials, such as copper, steel, brass, nickel, and aluminum to the local salvage yard). One sure sign of this is when the recycling truck arrives at the loading dock of the site during construction. Reels of 500MCM copper cable over 500 feet long have disappeared after delivery, to be resold for salvage value. When events like this happen, it is detrimental to the construction process because the material has to be re-ordered, resulting in additional expenses and potential delays to the project. This cost is often born by the subcontractor, as most contracts read that it is the subcontractors' overall responsibility to secure their own materials in a safe manner. If the loss is large enough, the subcontractor may consider filing a claim with their insurance carrier; however, this usually results in an increase in the insurance policy premiums and difficulty renewing policies.

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