Construction Phase Organization

During the construction phase of the project, the staff will usually be a combination of home office and project-specific personnel. The organizational structure will often be a matrix management structure, with personnel being assigned to the project from various departments within the organization. The employees in this instance will have two superiors, the departmental boss to whom they report and the project executive or project manager to whom they are assigned for the project. Exhibit 1-6 illustrates the matrix management reporting relationship of an employee to both the project team and the traditional organizational superior. Matrix organizations optimizes resource management and ensures that specialized professionals remain under the umbrella of a functional department head who is responsible for training, support, and staffing based on the needs of the overall organization and not just a specific project. A significant downside is that the project manager is often tasked with responsibility without significant control over key resources for a project.

Exhibit 1-5

List of bid and award services.


GM/GC project team

Project executive





CM/GC corporate organization

Executive management

Operations department

Accounting department

Estimating department

Exhibit 1-6

Matrix management reporting relationship.

Operations department

Accounting department

_ Administrative reporting

_ Administrative reporting

This can lead to challenging situations for all personnel involved. The employee has two managers, and there is often a conflict as to which one they will serve first, who will perform their annual appraisal, and who determines their annual raise, bonus and consideration for a promotion. Often employees who are assigned to an off-site construction project for a period of time find themselves "out of site and out of mind." Employees who find themselves in this situation are smart to spend some time each week back at the home office to remind their superiors of their presence. A sample organization chart for construction services for a project is detailed in Exhibit 1-7.

Exhibit 1-8 contains a list of construction phase services.

Project engineer

Field engineer

Project engineer

Field engineer

Exhibit 1-7

Organization chart—construction phase.

Exhibit 1-7

Organization chart—construction phase.

Item Included

1. Mobilize the project.

2. Hold a kick-off meeting with all subcontractors.

3. Set up field office, shanties, and project logistics.

4. Implement safety program.

5. Implement security program.

6. Implement quality control/quality assurance programs.

7. Chair the project meeting.

8. Conduct all required project-related meetings.

9. Monitor the schedule of the project.

10. Prepare one-week look-ahead schedules for the project.

11. Provide project management services.

12. Prepare list of submissions for each subcontractor.

13. Prepare monthly requisitions and manage the process.

14. Provide cash flow projections.

15. Review and process all change orders.

16. Manage the submission of all shop drawings, cuts, and product literature for review and approval.

17. Process all requests for information (RFI) and their resolution.

18. Manage the work of all of the subcontractors working on the site.

19. Manage all documents.

20. Prepare all monthly progress reports.

21. Manage the logistics of the project.

22. Track all construction materials stored on and off site.

23. Track the delivery of materials to the site.

24. Take progress photos.

25. Report and document all accidents and incidents.

26. Solicit the support of home office personnel as may be required.

27. Maintain all logs and field reports. 28 Manage all project control systems.

29. Ensure compliance with special administrative programs.

30 Schedule all controlled inspections. 31. Schedule all sign-offs and approvals.

Exhibit 1-8

List of construction services.

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