A book as complex as Urban Construction Project Management could not be written without guidance and assistance from our colleagues, friends, and family. Therefore, we would like to acknowledge the following people: the family of Richard Lambeck; the family of John Eschemuller; Cesar DeCamps; Dan Buffey; Robert Morganstern, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate; Kenneth Patton, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate; Melissa Gasparotto, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate; Andrea Harpole, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate; Scott St. Martin, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate; NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate faculty, staff, and students; Lou Milo, Milrose Consulting; Gus Podias, Marson Constructing Company; Anthony Iandoli, Lehr Construction Company; David Slegowski, United Bank of Switzerland; Gary Morrissey, The Treiber Group LLC; Marvin Levine, Levine Construction; Troy Stedman, Mortenson Construction; Gregg Knutson, Mortenson Construction; George Feddish, Cushman & Wakefield; Larry Shapiro, Howard I. Shapiro and Associates, P.C.; Neal Eisman, Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP; Larry Blinn, Jr., Regional Scaffolding; Ken Colyer, Structuretone; Norbet Young, McGraw-Hill Construction; Ravi Bhatia, Project Strategix; Ted Hammer, HLW International; Joseph Mizzi, Frank Sciame Construction; Robert Burkavage, F.J. Sciame; Steven Levy, AIG; Melanie Fordin; Candice Fordin; Sheila Parsons; Raymond E. Levitt, Sanford University; Charles Rizzio, Rizzio Group; Marie Willett, Construction Specification Institute; Jeff Robinson, PAS, Inc.; Jay Jason, Jason Swift, LLP; Rebecca Behrens, McGraw-Hill Professional; Joy Bramble Oehlkers, McGraw-Hill Professional; Cary Sullivan, McGraw-Hill Professional; Sam Battaglia, Turner Construction; Mickey Reiger, Westfield Insurance; and Jennifer Calderella, HRH Insurance.

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