Work Packages

Work packages provide the basis for the project network, schedule, and cost estimate. They are contracts between the project manager and the work performers. They are the source documents for inputs to the integrated cost-schedule plan for

Figure 5.2 The key milestones define a backbone for the project-task sequences.
Figure 5.3 If your organization uses milestone dates to judge project progress, you must put a buffer in front of them.

the project. They contain the scope to be delivered by the work package, specifications or reference to specifications, codes and standards for the deliverables, the activity logic, activity resource estimates, and the basis for the activity resource estimates.

The design of your work-package documentation can greatly influence the ease and quality of planning the project. It is the point at which most engineers begin to whine about there being too much paper. You must design the work-package process to be simple and user friendly. Figure 5.4 illustrates the project-logic input, an essential part of the work package that, combined with the assumptions and deliverables (scope statement), delivers the information necessary for a project plan.

You must assign elements on the WBS to people to plan and manage. These individuals sometimes have a title, such as work-package manager, core-team member, or cost-account manager. They are usually technical experts in the subject matter of that portion of the WBS. They must define the detailed work scope, establish the task sequence, and estimate the task resource requirements. They are responsible for identifying the links between their work packages and others in the program. They also supply the justification for the resource estimates.

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