The FRT as a Guide for Change

The FRT becomes the guide for change. As you implement injections on the FRT, you use it to monitor whether you are achieving the DEs. You can also use the FRT as a resource to derive any unintended consequences of the proposed changes. Note that changes that occur more quickly or that are larger than predicted by your FRT are also a cause for reassessment since you may have missed some feature of the causalities.

The FRT provides a check on the CRT. You will often discover additional causalities that exist in current reality as you develop the FRT. Because the FRT focuses on the future, it is not necessary to go back and revise the CRT.

The bottom of the FRT starts with the injections summarized earlier. Each injection includes adjacent entities that describe why we need the injection and the logic explaining how the injection satisfies the need.

Figure 11.5 Injection map identifies the sequence of injections in the FRT.

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