Resource Manager Role

The resource manager provides qualified resources to do the project work. Section 8.1.1 covers the portion of a resource manager's role when he or she is acting as a task manager. Resource managers also fulfill a strategic role, ensuring that appropriately skilled resources are available as needed on an enterprise and project level. The manager of the drum resource may also act as the master scheduler for the organization, developing and maintaining the drum schedule.

Resource managers can use outputs of schedule programs to support performing their role. Microsoft Project provides a resource graph, giving the resource manager a view of the long-term demands on a particular resource. Most scheduling software also supports filtering for the tasks that use a particular resource. The filter works with a variety of views, including the Gantt view. This lets the resource manager see the tasks that are coming.

The Concerto software provides a unique resource portal for the resource manager. Figure 8.5 shows the ratio of demand to supply for each resource over a user-selectable time frame. The first column lists the resource. The two numbers in the right columns illustrate the demand and availability of the resource, with the demand in parenthesis. The bar chart in the second column illustrates the overall resource load over the selected time horizon as a percentage of the available resources. The tool allows drilling down to the actual tasks that create the demand. The resource manager also has a view similar to the Task Manager view, showing a prioritized listing of all of the tasks from multiple projects placing demands on that resource.

Figure 8.4 The Concerto chain view aids project teams in planning buffer recovery.
Figure 8.5 The Concerto software's resource portal informs resource managers of the future load expected for their resources.

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